"“Working with mm Rahman is a pleasure. Not only does he approach his work with sound strategic thinking and extreme professionalism, but he always comes up with great design solutions – and multiple options to boot. He works quickly and efficiently and seems to have a keen grasp of our brand needs. But best of all, he has an infectious personality that makes working with him a pleasure. I couldn't recommend him more highly.”"

Science Coaching, Director at Company.

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fcl bangladesh, Founder and Director at Company.

"“We've been working with mm rahman for years, we love his work.”"

Shafiq Rahman, Director at Company.

"“We turned to mm rahman to help us express our company's vision and culture as a clear, consistent visual identity. He took the time to understand our goals, and have succeeded in expressing our brand beautifully across a wide spectrum of both printed and web-based applications. His creativity has become our strategic advantage.”"

Ashik E Sadatia, Director, www.noroon.com